Rest at Nest

Our journey into holiday lets began when we purchased Red Hurworth Farm in 2016, initially drawn by the beauty of the landscape. Little did we know this decision would lead to the creation of Nest, a haven for couples and those seeking an escape to the stunning countryside that surrounds our beloved farm.

When we acquired the farm, it came with a bungalow known as The Covey. Our original intention was to offer it as a long-term rental property. However, curiosity led us to list it as a holiday let, and to our astonishment, our first booking arrived within 72 hours. From that moment on, our hearts were set on transforming this picturesque landscape into something truly extraordinary.

Our passion was to create a place to stay and enjoy the natural beauty that leaves you breathless, with landscapes that stretch as far as the eye can see, so you can stay and enjoy the views and look out for the flocks of birds and beautiful wildlife that surrounds.

Red Hurworth was the perfect place for us to create luxurious waterside lodges and elevated treehouses, each promising unforgettable stays in nature’s embrace.

It’s the vibrant wildlife that inspired our avian theme. We have named our waterside lodges, Kingfisher and Sandpiper, after low-nesting birds; while Nuthatch and Wren, our treehouses, are named after high-nesting birds. All four have been designed with space for two and are great for luxury romantic getaways, or a night away alone.

For group stays, Nest also has the The Covey, which has been named after a gathering of birds. It sleeps 12 and has a large kitchen, living and dining area, hot tub and extensive grounds.

“Hugh and I wanted Nest to be quirky and unique, somewhere different for people to stay. We have been very involved in their design,” says owner Claire Carter. “All our retreats have large bi-folding doors or glass planes so guests can look out onto the pond from up above in Nuthatch or Wren, or over Red Hurworth Burn reservoir from the waterside in Kingfisher or Sandpiper. The views and wildlife make it very special here.”

“We wanted the interiors to be superior, with luxury textures, wallpapers and furnishings. Each Nest takes inspiration from the colours of the bird it’s named after, from the striking yellows and teals of Kingfisher to the burnt orange, dark green and greys of Sandpiper. Each Nest has been designed with careful attention to detail and is beautiful inside and out. Unclip your wings and come and stay with us. Experience the magic of Nest. Your journey to tranquillity and luxury begins here.”

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